Our Products

HyperImage Logo The HyperImage Virtual Research Environment supports the linking of (audio)-visual objects, texts and mixed-media documents. HyperImage allows any number of details, or subregions, within an image to be highlighted and described, and link annotations within a corpus to each other, making them accessible in indices and providing various ways to visualize and search your data. Interim results as well as final versions can be compiled at any time as an online/offline hypermedia publication. This makes HyperImage a suitable research environment for digital humanities and eScience projects, providing a common research and publication environment for groups as well as individuals.

The HyperImage Virtual Research Environment is an open source system and bitGilde is the main contributor.

We offer:

  • Hosting of HyperImage installations, including maintenance and updates. We host your data on German servers. You remain in control of your work.
  • Adaptation of HyperImage for incorporation in existing infrastructures.